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Adaptive Elements Framework Implemented in UniCredit Serbia to Enhance App Design and User Experience

In June, Asseco SEE published the first implementation of the Adaptive Elements framework for Unicredit Serbia. Adaptive Elements is a platform that enables rapid development of native mobile applications by (re)using adaptive elements as building blocks. Each element is natively implemented on both mobile platforms (iOS and Android), which guarantees the same quality and user experience across both platforms, while screen composition, business logic and validations are controlled from the central place on the server side. The solution is ideal for large scale mobile projects where native speed, highest level of security and state of the art UX/UI is a must. The project included the redesign of the whole application in order to support Unicredit and Meniga's personal finance manager framework. The focus was on clear and approachable design and excellent user experience.

This is the first of the planned adaptive elements implementations for Unicredit – 7 more banks to come.