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ASEE Completed Successful System Integration Project in the Merger of Vojvođanska Banka and OTP Banka Srbija

Being the largest IT company in the area of production and implementation of its own software solutions and services and the largest vendor of IT systems for the banking sector in South Eastern Europe, ASEE has been entrusted to take vital part in the most complex banking integration ever realized on the Serbian market.

As a strategic partner to the OTPbanka Srbija in the merger project to form 2nd largest bank in Serbia , the client contracted ASEE in the long and challenging process of integration that was supported through the following activities:

  1. Product Delivery Implementation - implementation of Hermes application for Overdraft, POS loans (Point of Sale loans) and Agro Invest loans origination process.
  2. Providing APIs for several application integrations, where the most important were APIs for Fenix (Cross-Border Payment) and Innova (E- and m-Banking) implementations.
  3. Demanding and challenging role of Test Manager in the area of data migration, new developments and application integrations testing organization.

As ASEE puts a big emphasis on meeting and exceeding client expectations, it is a pleasure to share great feedback from our satisfied clients about the extraordinary achievement of this project: “The integration journey that lasted for 19 months would not have been successful if it were not for more than 3,000 of our colleagues and loyal partners, with their commitment to this process, professionalism and expertise.”  Predrag Mihajlović, The President of the Executive Board of OTP banka Srbija.

We are very proud that our ASEE colleagues were among the key members of the team that helped and supported the whole project.