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ASEE Signs One More GDPR Governance Solution Agreement in Montenegro

ASEE has recently signed an agreement with a bank in Montenegro for the implementation of the GDPR Governance solution, which enables banks to automatically and comprehensively meet the legal norms dictated by GDPR. This will be the 6th implementation of the solution in the region. Apart from Montenegro, the solutions have already been implemented in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Northern Macedonia.

ASEE has developed GDPR Governance as a comprehensive solution that provides a standardized integration mechanism to different filing systems. The platform on which this solution has been developed offers a high degree of flexibility in creating and customizing business processes, which are the essence of the GDPR Governance solution. Key benefits provided by GDPR Governance are personal data management from one place, centralized consent management for personal data processing, the automated process of personal data processing termination for timely compliance as well as meeting customer’s requests on time with customer request management from one place.