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Meet GDPR Requirements without Worries with Asseco SEE’s GDPR Solution

In Serbia and the countries of the region, outside of the EU, harmonization of the legislation with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is in progress. All organizations in Serbia which process clients’ personal data have the deadline till August 23rd to be aligned with GDPR.

Driven by a strong desire to provide a solution which will enable our customers to be compliant with legislation and improve clients’ trust and satisfaction, Asseco SEE has prepared a GDPR solution.

The GDPR solution by Asseco SEE is based on the EU experiences in GDPR implementation and represents the best EU practice adapted to the local needs in Serbia and the region. It enables management of customers’ personal data and consents, thus providing the unique collection of personal data, purposes, and basis for data usage in processing. It consists of the following components:

  • GDPR governance module, intended for managing customers’ consents,
  • Standard set of APIs through which the GDPR governance solution communicates with other parts of the IT system, and
  • Module that will enable termination of personal data processing within Asseco SEE core system components, as part of banks’ IT system.

Bearing in mind that GDPR applies to all organizations that process personal data of customers, the implementation of our GDPR solution is not limited to banks exclusively.

To learn more about our GDPR solution and how your organization can benefit from it, please contact us directly.