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PAYTEN broadens its offer of technological solutions for payment by acquiring GASTROBIT GRC GROUP

This acquisition enriches Payten's portfolio of integrated solutions and services in all segments of payment. Payten acquired 100% of shares in Gastrobit Grc Group, a company producing software solutions for the hospitality industry, commerce and finances. The acquisition supports Payten's development strategy of offering companies in the service industry the best integrated technological solutions when it comes to payment.

Gastrobit Grc Group is one of the leading Croatian companies dealing with payment solutions, which has been operating with success for more than 20 years, keeping up with the technological development and market trends and developing programs, applications and ERP systems for the hospitality industry, retail and wholesale industry, manufacturing, accounting and finances. 

The Management Board of the company consists of two members: Tomislav Copić, the Managing Director, and Marko Špegar, a member of the Management Board of Asseco SEE and Payten in Croatia and the Monri company.

Tomislav Copić, member of the Management Board of Gastrobit Grc Group, said: „This acquisition creates a synergy that will no doubt be an additional force and means to achieve even better results in the years to come. A host of new opportunities opened up for us, which will, I strongly believe, lead to even better business results, and satisfaction of customers, as well as of all employees and business partners.“

„I am proud that Gastrobit Grc Group has become a member of the Payten family. By working together, we will provide to entrepreneurs from many service industries support and access to the best integrated technological solutions for payment and be a reliable partner in their everyday business operations,” Ivan Bušić, member of the Management Board of Payten Croatia, said.

Payten, a member of the Asseco Group, one of the ten leading producers of software equipment in Europe, continues to broaden its business by acquiring companies focused on development and sale of software solutions for payment in Europe and beyond.

Payten recently also bought Sonet, a company operating in Slovakia and the Czech Republic and offering services in payment technology, including software for payment terminals (POS), then Mobven, a leading company in Turkey for development of solutions in mobile payment technology, Monri, a company operating in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia and specializing in distribution of SinglePOS devices to vendors, which provides access to the WebPay system to banks and retailers, Remaris, which operates in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and offers software solutions for business and cash register management for the hospitality industry and Bassilichi CEE, a company offering services related to POS and ATM machines in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In March last year, Payten became the owner of Necomplus, a Spanish multinational company operating in Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Columbia, Peru and the Dominican Republic with more than 25 years of experience in creating customer payment solutions.