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Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) EAD is starting new project with Asseco SEE

Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) EAD is among the ten biggest banks in Bulgaria.

Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) EAD is among the ten biggest banks in Bulgaria. With its more than 140 branches spread all over the country, a good reputation and the focus on small and medium business are important elements of the bank’s approach in Bulgaria.

As part of the bank’s strategy to automate workflow it was decided to implement a solution for the improvement of the speed, visibility and reporting capabilities in their Documentary business department.

The selection process started with the RFI sent to more than ten companies and only four of them were chosen to be addressed with the RFP. After the evaluation process, lasting more than six months, only two companies stayed in the game with Asseco SEE being one of them. After a very strong competition among the two companies Asseco SEE was selected as a winner.

Some of Asseco SEE’s advantages included: the proven solution with more than 10 implementations in the region and Asseco SEE’s excellent overall reputation in the Balkans. The fact that Asseco SEE was already executing two projects within the bank was considered as another great benefit as well as the local presence of the company in Bulgaria.

The selected ASEBA PUB2000 Trade Finance is a modern solution that covers all Documentary Business processes in a natural and flexible workflow integrated with Core system, SWIFT and others external institutions.

The solution contains the following modules:


  • Module for LCs;
  • Module for LGs;
  • Module for Collection documents.

All these modules are supported by:

Setup for Arrears and Notifications where the commissions can be specified by different combinations based on agreed preferences with notifications for different types of fees. 

Electronic Case that allows attaching different files and templates (wording of guarantees, LCs, contracts, letters to clients/beneficiaries, etc.) and this case also keeps full transaction history.

Reporting Engine that provide regular automatic reports and allow configurations of different manual reports.

Upon the successful completion of the project the following benefits are expected for the bank: an overall automation of the total workflow, faster tax collection as well as faster and more accurate reporting. As Documentary business is among the basic services for small and medium scale companies, who are very important for Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) EAD, it is expected that the project will add a competitive advantage to the bank.

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