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Smooth Integration of OTP Bank and Vojvođanska Banka with Asseco SEE’s Support

Asseco SEE has enabled yet another technology merger of its long-standing clients OTP banka and Vojvođanska banka, member of OTP Group. One of the most complex integrations of banks on the local financial market was completed at the end of April 2019.

Within the project, Asseco SEE team successfully migrated bank’s retail customers, who previously used different web and mobile banking solutions deployed in Vojvođanska banka, to Asseco SEE’s solution for e-banking and m-banking used by OTP bank. In this way, technology was unified across both banks, which significantly contributed to their final integration.

During the carefully designed and planned migration process, Vojvođanska banka’s customers using the web retail application were transferred to a new, Asseco SEE’s application with the same credentials. In addition, the customers experienced the benefits of a smooth migration without additional obligations imposed on them as the process was completed without customers visiting bank’s branches.

We are glad that we finalized with success such an important project together with Asseco SEE. The integration of Vojvođanska banka and OTP banka ran seamlessly and as expected to the satisfaction of all the teams involved. Also, the integration brings numerous benefits to our customers as we  can  now offer a broader, higher-quality range of products with greater efficiency,“ said Bojan Pokrajac, Digital Channels and Contact Center Division Assistant Director in Vojvođanska banka a.d, who led the bank’s team in charge of the integration.

In addition to positive comments from the banks’ teams regarding the project implementation, it has been noted that a large number of retail customers of Vojvođanska banka started using the new solution provided by Asseco SEE within a relatively short time and exceeding the bank’s expectations.