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ASEE Incorporates Scoring Models in ASEE Core System for Ziraat Bank B&H

Joint team ASEE from Serbia and BiH has successfully implemented the project of incorporating the Scoring Excel model that the Bank uses in the ASEE core system.

The implementation of this module allows the Bank to automatically determine scoring models, conduct the scoring, as well as perform the calculation with special background formulas for each model. Additionally, the client now has the benefit of a comparative overview of financial indicators - balance for the last three accounting periods, with entry/review of corrections and corrected financial statements, forming reports for participants and group members, as well as printing complete scoring reports for all participants.

Implementation of the Scoring Excel model in the ASEE core banking system enabled its employees more efficient and secure data entry, billing as well as automatic billing control for such demanding scoring. The result of the implementation of the scoring model is primarily an increased number of successfully entered and processed requests in Core, fast and efficient client assessment and realization of required products, and thus an advantage on the BiH financial market when clients choose a bank.

In addition to the business benefits that the automation of this segment brings to the Bank, as well as the fact that this project is marked as extremely important for the Bank and is closely monitored by the Headquarters in Turkey, Ziraat Bank has repeatedly expressed great satisfaction with the professional and highly cooperative approach of ASEE team to this project.