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Stable growth of ASEE Group in 2023

The company published estimated 4Q and full-year 2023 financial results with double-digit growth of operating profit

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Move your business to the new dimension
with ASEE’s AI powered products

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Check out our partner program and explore our solution portfolio

Exciting and proven products in the financial industry.

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From Contact Centre to Virtual Centre

Transform your Contact Centre into an intelligent engagement center through virtualization and automation, and take care of your key stakeholders.

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ASEE (Asseco SEE)

ASEE Group is one of the biggest IT companies in the area of production and implementation of its own software solutions and services in the region of South Eastern Europe, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Colombia, Peru, Dominican Republic, Slovakia and Czech Republic. The Company provides ICT solutions for various industry verticals including the financial sector, payment sector, public administration and telecoms. The company provides products and services within Payment business under Payten name. Since October 2009, the shares of Asseco South Eastern Europe (WSE: ASEECOSEE, ASE) have been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. ASEE Group employs over 3,800 people in 23 countries. More than 10 banks out of the 15 largest ones in southeastern Europe are already clients of ASEE.

ASEE is part of Asseco Group, one of the top ten software vendors in Europe, which offers comprehensive, proprietary IT solutions for all sectors of the economy. Own solutions account for over half of Asseco Group total sales revenues. The Asseco Group operates in most of the European countries, Israel, USA, Africa, Japan and Canada. The Asseco Group companies are listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, TelAviv Stock Exchange and American NASDAQ Global Markets.

Comprehensive IT Offer for Various Industries

ASEE (Asseco ASEE) has wide experience in providing own software and services, a long list of implementations and a broad portfolio of clients.

More sectors

ASEE (Asseco SEE) is the largest operator in South-Eastern Europe in terms of sales revenue

Asseco SEE solutions cover:




finance sector institutions


public and utilities companies

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