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Empower your business with Fidelity Asset & Spend Management

Fidelity empowers companies by automating the full life cycle of assets and expenditures with advanced business management modules & functions integrated on a single web-based platform. 

With Fidelity, building an end-to-end asset and spend management system is easy. Asset, budget, spend and accounting data are no longer in separate systems.

A modular and scalable platform to manage the full lifecycle of assets and expenditures with built-in budget, demand, procurement and accounting processes, Fidelity ensures compliance and proactive budget control to build effective sourcing strategies.

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Customer Benefits

  • Provides sustainable cost savings of up to 10-20% on inventories and operational / administrative expenses (non-personnel), and a return on investment within the first year
  • Spend visibility and analysis tools for all expenditures to identify savings opportunities and to decrease maverick spends
  • Proactive, budget-controlled spend and cost management including demand and procurement approvals
  • Strengthens a company’s decision support system by enabling real time performance management of the budget
  • Integrated platform of managerial accounting for accurate distribution of costs to cost centers and re-billing
  • Provides compliance and standardization of procurement processes
  • Central management of contract and monitoring of vendor compliance
  • Reconciliation between accounting and operational data for assets
  • Management of insurance policies, risks and coverage for all assets
  • Central management, reporting and analysis for the real estates and related expenditures as well as maintenance and construction processes 

Technical Information

  • Application technology: Microsoft .Net, C#
  • User interface: XML Based User Interface Designer
  • Database: MS SQL
  • API availability 
  • User interface: Web-based; requires only an internet browser for access
  • Advances Security Features: Authentication, Authorization, AD integration, SSO, password protection and encrypting, Data Entry and Validation controls, Maker Checker, Log Trace, Audit Trace
  • Compliant with Basel III, CoBIT and ITIL standards
  • Multi-language support
  • Multi-currency support
  • Management Dashboard for graphical tracking of KPI’s
  • Ready-to-use forms and business logic to implement best business practices
  • Flexible workflow management and document management capabilities
  • Supports e-signature
  • Automated alerts by SMS and email and Task Manager
  • Extensive reporting and analysis capabilities
  • Advanced data entry and validation controls

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