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Why is ASEE a great partner for the banking industry?

As a provider of state-of-the-art products and solutions that meet banks’ rising needs in the digital arena, ASEE continuously works on making new technologies available within banking services. The company has positioned itself as the leading banking technology enabler in the markets worldwide. We assist banks in improving business performance by bringing together various technologies that support the bank's digital and business strategy. With solutions like Digital Edge and Digital Origination, banks' business operations are improved and automated. 

Given the importance of security to banks and their clients, ASEE has implemented a full range of security solutions, including the SxS - a multi-factor authentication solution, on-premise or cloud, which is designed to deliver a superb user experience to any organization requiring the highest level of security, such as financial institutions. With a holistic approach to authentication, it takes care of the entire multi-factor process, allowing for a seamless authentication process that doesn't frustrate users with overly complicated procedures while also complying with the most recent regulatory regulations and security practices.

With the rise of mobile banking around the world, the security of mobile apps has never been more important.  ASEE's App Protector is a proactive and intelligent security solution that allows for real-time monitoring and reporting of discovered assaults. As a result, both app developers and end users may rest assured that their money and personal information are safe.

Choosing the best digital solutions for a company is a time-consuming and complicated procedure. ASEE is a vendor that thoroughly comprehends the banking industry and operations, allowing it to provide tailor-made solutions for its clients at every stage of the digitalization process. ASEE has a deep understanding of banking and digital transformation and assists its clients in streamlining their banking processes from core banking to communications channels, business intelligence, payment, and cards system. It's one of the first vendors to offer banks all of their digital channels under one hub – making isolated silos and complex data processing a thing of the past.