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ASEE Group, including Payten, Wins Once Again Stock Exchange Company Prize

Warsaw, 16 March 2023: ASEE Group, including Payten, (GPW: ASEECOSEE, ASE) has won the Prize of 2022 Stock Exchange Company (7th place among 10 winners of the main ranking). Moreover ASEE Group, including Payten, has ranked 8th in the Investor Relations category. The company had already been among 2017 winners in the same ranking.

 About the ranking

Stock Exchange Company of the Year ranking has been ordered by „Puls Biznesu” business daily for the 24th time already. Each year 100 experts who have influence on investors’ decisions – analysts, advisors and brokers – select winners. The experts evaluated which company had the most competent Management Board, had the biggest success in the previous year, the most innovative products and services, best investor relations and the most interesting prospects for development. Based on the marks in those 5 categories the main ranking has been created – 2022 Stock Exchange Company. A full description of the ranking together with the winners is at: