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AI Powered Solutions

Move your business to the new dimension with ASEE’s AI powered products

For the industry like ours, we know that the future is now, that is why developing AI powered solution is ASEE’s strategic priority. In cooperation with a member company Things Solver, we are offering a variety of market proven AI solutions to accelerate businesses in the field of finance, retail and telco industry.

Why Should You Consider AI Solution Today?

Applying AI is your ticket to „warp” drive for your business, bringing some pretty tangible benefits:

  • Up to 30% conversion boost
  • Automatic upsells on your web sites
  • Reducing operational costs by double digits
  • Automatic and super simple campaign dispatch

Explore our AI offer, and contact us to learn how AI can transform your business:

Solver Audience Studio

Solver Audience Studio helps you create campaigns that convert double digits. This tool enables the definition of meaningful customer groups based on multiple criteria not visible in standard BI tools and deeply understand their behavior with the help of AI models.

Being able to develop a specific customer segment and recognize their specific buying patterns and behavior enables you to create data-driven marketing and sales actions & campaigns that will deliver above industry standards converting campaigns and ROI.

Solver Profile Studio

Solver Profile Studio enables you to understand your customer on completely different level. Geting smart 360 "CRM like" customer view over all customer data is just the first step of making your communication fully personalized, addressing real customers' needs and pain points automatically.

This solution gives you the power to properly segment customers and match them with ideal products so you could create automatic offerings at all touchpoints while developing a fully automatized system that will facilitate upsell and cross-sell opportunities at any time.

Solver Campaign Studio

Solver Campaigning Studio is not just a tool for campaign management but it is a tool that enables you to automatically trigger campaigns over channels that are most likely going to motivate your lead to convert into your customer and your customer to convert into a loyal brand ambassador.

The foundation of Solver Campaigning Studio relies on complex AI and ML models that enable you to get seamless user experience and to utilize marketing efforts to the maximum.

Solver Touchpoint Studio

Automatically setup marketing campaigns and banners at your e-commerce or a website in order to double your CTR. This tools enables you to eliminate manual product sorting and run automatic promotional campaigns over your website touchpoints, recommending the right product to the appropriate website user so you do not need to worry anymore about upsell and cross sell opportunities.

Solver Customer Journey Studio

Solver Customer Journey Studio consists of a summary of customer data which includes everything from demographic, geographic, psychographic characteristics, as well as buying patterns, creditworthiness, and purchase history.

It is a portrait of your customer's journey that helps him to make decisions about your products and services. This solution enables you to offer customers a product or service that they will buy with high probability.

Solver Atlas

Deploy solutions faster than ever while we support everything from user management, security and legal compliances. Solver Atlas platform makes your life easier leaving you focusing exclusively on business cases and deployment process while we take care about infrastructure.