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Asseco SEE Demonstrated Thought Leadership in Asset and Spend Management

As a thought leader in the financial services area, Asseco SEE organized a conference focusing on asset and spend management solution that was held in Sait Halim Pasa Mansion Istanbul on May 31st, 2016.

 Asseco SEE’s proprietary asset and spend management solution named Fidelity was the main subject of the conference itself. Fidelity conference is a prestigious boutique platform to inform professionals from financial and non-financial institutions about how effective asset and spend management solution is critical to run businesses in this competitive environment.

Professionals from leading banks who deployed Fidelity participated in the conference speaking about their own success stories.  

Financial Business Applications Development Director Mutlu Ozdemir said: “Deployed by 6 major banks in Turkey, Fidelity enables institutions to track and improve spend management proactively providing 20% cost advantage. Also, it is our pleasure to host our clients here today to upgrade them with the new developments in the solution”.

Building an end-to-end asset and spend management system, Fidelity provides financial and non-financial institutions with the intelligence to manage critical assets that affect compliance, risk & business performance. Fidelity is a web-based Asset and Spend Management solution that automates the full lifecycle of assets and capital expenditure process management with better control, visibility, and analysis. Fidelity is a robust, scalable and proven asset and spend management platform, empowering institutions with tools to optimize asset usage, cut down costs, and manage all kinds of expenditure.  

With Fidelity, assets, budget, spend and accounting data are no longer in separate systems; they are managed on a single and unified application. A modular and scalable platform to manage the full lifecycle of assets and expenditures with built-in Budget, Demand, Procurement and Accounting processes, Fidelity ensures compliance and proactive budget control and empowers companies to build effective sourcing strategies.