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This year's 'Ready, steady, code!' went international: in addition to joining 'Major League Hacking', it gathered contestants from several European countries

As a joint organisational effort of Asseco SEE and FOI another successful Hackathon was held in Croatia

This November the 'Ready, steady, code!' computer programming competition, where 14 teams with altogether 64 contestants from 4 European countries demonstrated their knowledge and skills in software development, was held for the third year running.

The subject of this year's competition was quiz app development (a Pub quiz-style popular trivia game).

Contestants from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Lithuania and Serbia had 24 hours at their disposal to solve the given problem, and, when this period lapsed, they presented their solutions to a jury of experts from the IT industry, business sector and the Academic Community.

The entire prize pool amounted to HRK 20,000 (around 2,700 EUR). The following teams were awarded:

  • 1st prize - the ["hip", "hip"] team - the 10,000 HRK (1,350 EUR) award
  • 2nd prize -  the „minimun niminuna“ team - the 6,000 HRK (800 EUR) award
  • 3rd prize - the „time is money“ team - the 4,000 HRK (550 EUR) award

Earlier this year the 'Ready, steady, code!' competition became a member of 'Major League Hacking (MLH)', thus being the first Croatian competition which joined this international league.

Every year MLH supports over 200 competitions inspired by innovations, which encourage teamwork and teach computer science skills to more than 65,000 students worldwide.