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New functionality within Asseco SxS Authentication solution: mobile token self-administration

Self-managed mobile token procedures are supported by solution version 6

Responding to customers’ needs resulting from the multi-device per user environment, which implies that a user may have more than one mobile token, what opens room for wider “self-administration”, Asseco SEE has developed a new functionality within SxS solution called self-managed mobile token.

The self-managed mobile token reduces the load on the customer’s help desk service and, in addition to that, brings flexibility and freedom to end-users to manage their mobile token application. Mobile token management applies to all mobile applications which have an integrated mobile token (e.g. Mobile Banking). 

 Within the new functionality ASEE has implemented the Dynamic Symmetric Key Provisioning Protocol for the download of the mobile token data from the SxS server. The DSKPP is a client server protocol for initialization (and configuration) of symmetric keys to locally and remotely accessible cryptographic modules (the DSKPP is specified in RFC 6063).

The new self-administration procedures, also called mobile token management, are supported by SxS Authentication Solution Version 6 and they are as follows:

  • View and change status – the user has an option to view, block, enable or archive other mobile tokens.
  • Enrolment – the user can initiate new token enrolment on a new device. The application download link and activation code are acquired by the existing mobile token application (there are different options for distributing them to the user).
  • Migration – the user can migrate a mobile token from the existing to a new device. Only when the entire migration process is finished, the new mobile token becomes active and the old one gets archived. Preserving the token serial number is an option.
  • Renew activation code - for security reasons, an activation code should be valid for a certain period of time (e.g. a week). The Renew activation code functionality enables the change of the date, to extend the validity of the existing AC and even to generate a new AC.
  • Redistribution – the user can initiate token redistribution to other mobile token devices (e.g. in case the user forgets the PIN).