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ASEE among 5 HCE Vendors Worldwide with a Solution Certified According to MasterCard MCBP 1.0+ Specification

Asseco SEE has successfully passed MCBP (MasterCard Cloud Based Payment) 1.0+ certification with MasterCard accredited laboratories.

Asseco SEE’s HCE solution based on MCBP 1.0+ offers two new User Experience behaviors - Card-like and Flexible. They offer more flexibility to the end user and better acceptance within the Issuer's marketing and direct channel departments. Upon certification, Asseco SEE is among 5 HCE vendors worldwide with a solution certified according to this specification.

MPA (Mobile Payment Application) must undergo extensive functional and security evaluation. Asseco SEE has chosen CTC Advanced (Germany) as its MasterCard accredited functional evaluation laboratory. Brighsight, a well-known Dutch security laboratory, has been chosen as the security evaluation laboratory.

What makes Asseco SEE’s HCE MCBP 1.0+ solution different from MCBP 1.0 solutions? An improved user experience:

  • MCBP 1.0 solution dictates for the end user to enter their mobile PIN for each transaction, regardless of the payment amount, currency and POS terminal type.
  • Card-like behavior UX is the same as for using a regular contactless card. The user has to tap their mobile device on the POS and enter an online PIN on the POS for High Value Transactions (HVT). For Low Value Transactions (LVT), no user authentication is required on any of the devices.
  • Flexible behavior offers the user the option to authenticate on the mobile device, by using the existing mobile device authentication mechanism (e.g. fingerprint, pattern, swipe, PIN, password, etc.). For Low Value Transactions (LVT), the user has to turn on the phone and tap the phone on the POS. For High Value Transactions (HVT), the user has to go through authentication on the mobile device and tap on the POS. No further authentication is required on the POS.

MPA functional and security evaluation was done in mid-April 2017, and MasterCard certification end of April 2017. Server-side certification was done in May 2017. ASEE is among 5 HCE vendors worldwide with a solution certified according to MasterCard MCBP 1.0+ specification.