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New Upgrade of TriDES Business Model - ACS Hosting

After years of successful supply and implementation of 3-D Secure solution to issuing (TriDES ACS) and acquiring financial institutions (TriDES MPI), Asseco SEE identified an opportunity and the potential of the Software as a Service business model in banking and e-commerce market segment.

In less than a year, TriDES ACS product has been upgraded to fully comply with all requirements defined for 3D Secure ACS service providers and deployed to own scalable HW infrastructure. The overall ACS hosting solution has been certified by PCI DSS and VISA, which allows us to provide ACS hosting for all main card schemes. Asseco TriDES ACS SaaS supports only the current version of 3D Secure, 1.0.2. Support for the newly announced version of 3D Secure 2.0 is in preparation and will be ready after it is supported by card schemes.

Through these activities, Asseco SEE is aligning with technology and market trends by extending its offer to SaaS services. The opportunity and high interest for hosting solutions and SaaS services confirms the fact that first contracts have already been signed with banks from five countries within the SEE region, and the first client onboarding has already been started. 

Considering very rigid and complex card scheme security requirements, compliance and legal requirements which increase 3-D secure implementation and maintenance costs, where on the other hand financial institutions have to reduce end-user fee, act more flexible and compete with new fintech parties on e-payment market, it is clear that 3-D Secure SaaS business model will take a significant market share.