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Seamless Merger of Direktna Banka & Findomestic Bank Supported By Asseco

As a banking technology provider with experience in data & system migration, Asseco SEE took part in enabling smooth merger of its clients, Direktna Banka & Findomestic banka, from a technological perspective.

Before the merger, the two banks had operated using the same Core system, Asseco’s PUB, which functioned differently in practice. The technological challenges within the project included migration from these two systems along with the merger of product portfolios of both banks.

Apart from its main involvement in the implementation tasks, Asseco SEE also participated in change management activities aiming to complete the merger of banks’ systems and products successfully allowing seamless experience and comfort of both banks’ customers during and after the process.

Since merger of banks is not a frequent and ordinary task, lessons learnt and experience gained within this demanding project will be highly beneficial in similar endeavors in the future.