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Asseco SEE is Implementing Basel III Solutions in Banks in B&H

In order to protect the banking sector from financial crises, the regulation of business standards known as the Basel standards was adopted by the Decision of the Banking Agency in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The main aim of introducing such standards is protection of financial stability. Also, a higher level of capital in combination with better liquidity management of the banks should lead to a decreased probability of a banking crisis in the future.

Asseco SEE has signed agreements on the implementation of Basel III solutions with several banks in B&H, among others with Sberbank Sarajevo, Sberbank Banja Luka, Komercijalna Bank Banja Luka and Ziraat Bank Sarajevo.

Asseco Basel III is a complete software solution for reporting according to the Basel standards. The implementation of Basel III solutions in these banks represents a continuously successful cooperation as well as a quality reference for future implementations on the B&H market.