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Payten Strengthens Security of UniCredit Bank’s ATM Network

Focusing on prevention of fraudulent activities, UniCredit Bank Serbia teamed up with Payten in order to increase the level of security at ATMs providing customers with safe and professional services on this banking channel.

The goal of cooperation was to tackle and resolve successfully one of the important challenges faced by banks today - security-related attacks on ATMs, which could lead to increased costs and losses if not treated properly.

The project included implementation of a comprehensive solution, PC/E Terminal Security Suite, as a safeguard from intrusion and unauthorized access. Designed to protect against known and unknown threats, the Suite delivers the so-called Day-Zero protection. This prevents attacks which originate locally from over the network or from a recoverable medium such as a USB-based device. With the solution which incorporates a predefined security policy in place, UniCredit Bank Serbia’s ATM network is secured from all unauthorized actions and forbidden access. Furthermore, PC/E Terminal Security Suite prevents any unauthorized introduction, alterations or execution of software components at ATMs, enabling the bank to significantly improve security throughout its ATM network.