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Raiffeisenbank Croatia chooses Payten as Technology Partner in Bank Digitisation Project

Application solutions, automated teller systems and new ATMs will provide for unique user experience and simplified approach to banking services 

Raiffeisenbank Croatia has chosen Payten as Technology Partner in Branch Digitisation Project encompassing the delivery of ATMs, automated teller systems, and application solutions which transform an ATM into a multichannel communication point between the bank and its clients.

To be precise, as part of the Branch and Business Digitisation Project, Payten will implement Diebold Nixdorf CINEO deposit-withdrawal and recycler ATMs as well as Diebold Nixdorf CINEO automated teller systems which enable cash dealings automation. The new deposit-withdrawal and recycler ATMs are equipped with the latest technology, such as contactless card readers, touch screens, barcode readers, etc., which provide their users with a unique experience and simplified access to banking services.

"Our cooperation with Payten as technology partner is a part of a wider project comprising branch concept transformation into a so-called “customer centric” branch. The newly designed branches are aimed at advanced user experience and 24/7 availability of particular banking services. The innovation presented and launched to the market by RBA reflects on a wide range of technologically advanced services to be available to our clients throughout Croatia.“, Emil Sapunar, Raiffeisenbank Croatia's Sales Network Coordination Director, pointed out.

The implementation of the application solution developed by Payten's experts will enable the bank's clients to deposit cash at the new ATMs 24/7 and manage all their deposits online. All cash deposits are immediately visible and available for use on the client's bank account. Another advantage of this ATM type is easier cash management, thanks to its automatic cash recycling feature. 

"The trend of digitising all banking segments has been present in our market for a couple of years. The development of new technologies has provided banks with an opportunity to offer a diverse range of services beyond the scope of the traditional ones offered in their branch offices. We are also pleased with RBA's decision to implement in its branch offices the premium ATM line supplied by our partner Diebold Nixdorf, as part of this project. Being chosen as RBA Croatia's technology partner in this project, which brings added value to bank service users in the Croatian market, makes us proud.“, said Ivan Bušić, Payten Croatia's Management Board Member.

Research has shown that the use of recycler ATMs in Europe increased by 30 percent from 2014 to 2015. Moreover, 51 percent of 1.2m automated deposit machines installed in 2015 are recycler ATMs. According to a Diebold Nixdorf forecast, 1.7m automated deposit terminals will be installed in 2021, of which 67 percent will enable the so-called cash recycling.

About Raiffeisenbank Croatia: Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d. (RBA) began operating in 1994 as the first bank in Croatia to have been founded with foreign Capital. Being wholly owned by Raiffeisen Bank International based in Vienna, RBA is part of a strong international financial group.

RBA provides a comprehensive range of banking and other financial services to its clients through members of the Raiffeisen Group in Croatia which, in addition to the Bank, include building society Raiffeisen stambena štedionica, Raiffeisen Leasing and pension funds management company Raiffeisen društvo za upravljanje obveznim i dobrovoljnim mirovinskim fondovima.

RBA operates 66 branches, located in 36 Croatian cities.