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UniCredit Bank Deploys Cash Recycling ATMs in Serbia

Payten, member of Asseco, continues delivering cash recycling ATMs in the region. UniCredit Bank in Serbia has recognized the advantages brought by this type of ATMs and has expanded its ATM network with fifteen new cash recycling machines.

Equipped with the latest Diebold Nixdorf technology, the cash recycling ATMs yield plenty of benefits for the bank, such as optimization of the cash management process and a lower number of ATM replenishment instances. Another important advantage is a significant reduction of bank’s costs due to transaction migration from branches to self-service devices.

In addition to the delivery of cash recycling ATMs, Payten organized for the second time a special training and workshop for UniCredit Bank’s employees related to the advanced usage of these devices. More than 30 bank employees participated in the event.

Standard ATMs have crossed the path from an ordinary cash dispenser to cash recycling devices as a new market trend. This type of ATMs is increasingly in high demand thanks to the benefits they offer to the banking and payment ecosystem, such as automatic recirculation of deposited cash, simplified cash handling, and risk mitigation. For more information about the advantages and installation of cash recycling ATMs, please email to