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Aleksandar Milosević, Chief Software Architect in Banking Software BU, To Attend Berlin Group’s Advisory Board Meetings

Following its continuous efforts on contributing to PSD2 implementation guidelines and the Berlin Group’s NextGenPSD2 aim to offer modern, open, harmonized and interoperable set of APIs, Asseco SEE is honored to announce that our Chief Software Architect in Banking Software BU, Mr. Aleksandar Milošević, will attend the Berlin Group’s Advisory Board Meetings.

Taking a solution-oriented approach, the Advisory Board “should help to foster adoption of NextGenPSD2, remove barriers, find optimization potentials, ensure usability of NextGenPSD2 for implementers, and contribute to pan-European harmonization with improved interoperability across the PSD2 XS2A value chain.”

In his role of Chief Software Architect, Aleksandar focuses on the architecture of banking software and standardization efforts within the industry where he represents Asseco SEE at different organizations and initiatives. As Asseco SEE representative at BIAN, Aleksandar serves as a member of the architecture committee. At NextGenPSD2 Implementation Support Programme (NISP), he represents Asseco SEE as a member of the steering committee. During the market comments phase, Aleksandar contributed to Berlin Group NextGenPSD2 API specification. With the overall responsibility for Asseco SEE PSD2 Enabler solution, Aleksandar helps banks navigate the complexities of PSD2 Directive, EBA RTS, OAuth2 & OIDC protocols, NextGenPSD2, and other API specifications. Being active in the banking software industry since 1999, Aleksandar designed hundreds of open banking APIs, developed award-winning e-banking, e-payment, PKI systems and worked closely in projects with more than 50 banks.

For more information about the Berlin Group, NextGenPSD2 initiative, and NextGenPSD2 Advisory Board, please visit the official website of the Berlin Group.

Additional details about Asseco SEE solution that can help you achieve full PSD2 compliance out of the box can be found at PSD2 Enabler.