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Loan Applications For Individual Customers Now Available In Komercijalna Banka Through Web Banking Channel

Today’s customers expect personalized experiences from their banks as well as a simple procedure when it comes to applying for loans when they most need them. To be competitive or go ahead of the competition, the banks are committed to finding different approaches to meeting customer’s expectations in the right place at the right time.

Following the personalized banking trends, Komercijalna banka in Serbia has partnered with Asseco SEE and successfully implemented a solution for submitting loan applications intended for private individuals through the web banking channel.

The bank now has the benefit of exposing tailor-made offers to its clients in a completely new way, while the clients can experience the simplicity of the new procedure for loan applications in the comfort of their homes, or at any other place they prefer, without visiting a branch. The project included an upgrade of the existing web banking solution from Asseco SEE’s portfolio and its complex integration with Product Delivery System, as well as the bank’s digital branch application.