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New Card System to Optimize Business Processes in Halkbank a.d. Beograd

Teamed up with Asseco SEE, Halkbank a.d. Beograd has successfully replaced the existing card system with a new Asseco SEE’s CMS module, part of Pub 2000 core banking system, aiming to optimize the bank’s business processes and increase flexibility in service provision.

Within the project, the core banking system used at the bank, Asseco CMS (card management system) and a bank’s processor system have been integrated. Furthermore, existing data on clients and card products were migrated smoothly. Thanks to this, duration of the bank’s business processes is now shorter, while at the same time the new system brings more comfort to the users. Another novelty introduced by this project is that Asseco SEE carried out integration with the processor system in use at the bank for the first time in Serbia.

The upgraded system provides the possibility of easy and quick expansion of the card portfolio and modification of existing card products so that the bank can efficiently adapt its services to the needs of its clients and respond to the challenges and innovations on the market. As a result of stability, reliability and improvement of service quality, the new system will add value to Halkbank’s activities on increasing customer satisfaction and growing its customer base.