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Asseco SEE’s Instant Payment System as Outsourcing Option Chosen by More than Eight Banks in Serbia

Since October 2018, a great majority of banks in Serbia have been part of the instant payment system following the regulation of the National Bank of Serbia (NBS). The regulation aims to modernize the payment system in the country in a way similar to the activities taken by most advanced countries worldwide. The system which makes it significantly easier for customers to do their banking transactions enables real time execution of payments up to a defined limit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including state holidays.

One segment of the banks on the local market, which prefers the outsourcing option, has chosen Asseco SEE as an outsourcing provider of Payment Gateway, part of the instant payment system, which represents a connection and communication between a bank and NBS.

These banks enjoy numerous benefits, some of which include:

  • No additional hiring costs
  • No new communication costs
  • No investment in new equipment
  • High system availability as guaranteed
  • Monitoring and supervision around the clock
  • System is operational 24/7/365

The quality of the completed projects has been recognized through positive comments by Asseco SEE’s partners and associates.


We are glad to have partnered with Asseco SEE on such a demanding project on implementation of the instant payment system within the time frame and according to the requirements specified by the legislator. Our decision to choose Payment Gateway was based on the comprehensive support and reliability of the outsourced platform and Asseco SEE team that has been with us from the very beginning of Bank’s history. The project has been successfully completed within short time frames and without additional personal resources from the Bank side and our customers can make payments at any time with ease and immediate realization,” said Marija Stepiņa, CEO of the API Bank Belgrade.


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