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Asseco SEE Croatia Encourages Employee Innovation by Organizing an Internal Hackathon

Ideas and employee creativity have a vital role in any company’s success. Yet all too often, daily tasks prevent us from thinking ahead and developing new ideas.

To change that, Asseco SEE Croatia organized an internal hackathon, offering their employees the time and incentive to present and demonstrate ideas for new offers. We are happy to report two promising ideas that came out of this initiative.

The winning idea, which goes by the name of Green Screen, features a new option in virtual banking – instead of showing the office background during a video chat with a bank’s employee, Green Screen allows displaying relevant content such as interest rates, options and product description to clients. The winning team was rewarded with electrical scooters and the opportunity to present their innovation at the Novathon conference by Intesa Sanpaolo. The idea was well-received at the conference and evoked interest among participants. It will be added to the Live product offer.