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Staying Strong in 2020 with the Focus on Digital and Cloud Solutions

A message from Piotr

We have recently announced 2019 financial results according to which last year was the best year in the history of Asseco SEE Group including Payten. Operating profit was up 47% compared with 2018. We generated double-digit growth in all three business units of our operations – Banking, Payments (Payten) and Dedicated solutions. This excellent performance resulted from a growing demand for our digital banking proprietary and e-Commerce solutions, costs optimization and acquisitions within Payment business unit. Thanks to the acquisitions we strengthened Payten market position within POS related services in the SEE region as well as expanded to new markets – Spanish speaking and CEE. We have also intensified our sales efforts in new markets like Africa by enlarging our international sales team and signing a few contracts with the banks in Nigeria for our flagship authentication solution.

The beginning of 2020 year has brought new circumstances connected with COVID-19 to all businesses in the world including our Group. We are analyzing possible impact of coronavirus on our business, revise business plans and the way we operate and service our clients adjusting them to the current situation. Our efforts aim at minimizing the impact of COVID-19 on our employees, clients and partners and securing continuity of business and service we provide for our clients. We are also looking for most relevant areas of new business generation. We are definitely going to focus more on digital and cloud solutions, enabling our clients to do business in a secure and remote way.

I would like to thank you in these times for effort, creativity, solidarity and understanding in these bumpy times.

Piotr Jeleński

ASEE & Payten CEO