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Asseco SEE is Helping Municipalities to Keep up with Technology

The certified digital signature solution for automated workflow documents, developed by Asseco SEE, in use by Bucharest 4th District Municipality as of December 2019.

The project coordinated by Mr. Ioan Gaf-Deac, the 4th District City Manager, is an important step for the Urban Mobility Department, on the way to a complete digitalization of the institution.

The implementation of this project is part of the digitalization strategy of the 4th District Municipality, in order to reduce bureaucracy. Thus, the interaction with the citizens of this district becomes much more efficient, easy and transparent. Moreover, the institution benefits from increased security, because the electronically signed documents guarantee that they can no longer be modified or altered in any way, intentionally or accidentally.   

This way, the Urban Mobility Department streamlines its operations and joins the digitalization trend with a wide portfolio of implemented solutions, some of which have been deployed for the very first time within a public institution.

“In 2016, we set out to ensure that the inhabitants of the 4th District stopped wasting their time waiting in line whenever they had things to do at the City Hall.  4 years later, the situation has improved considerably. More and more people can resolve their problems online, can pay their taxes from home, using their own computer, or can rent a parking spot in less than a minute, using the 4th District Municipality mobile app. Additionally, we have also begun implementing the electronic signature system, which truly makes us a smart community.” stated Daniel Băluță, Mayor of the 4th District.

„We are happy to have contributed to the technological upgrade of public institutions in Romania, by implementing our solution which enhances the citizens’ experience with the public institution. The reduction of bureaucracy is an extremely important topic at the moment, both for us as technology suppliers and as citizens at the same time and for the public sector”, stated Alex Olteanu, Asseco SEE’s Business Development Manager.