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Improved Customer Experience & Smooth Transition to New Processor for NLB Bank Montenegro

In partnership with Asseco SEE, NLB Bank Montenegro migrated its card operations fully to a new processor and also upgraded its acquiring network.

Thanks to the configuration and migration completed through Asseco SEE’s CMS, a card management system which is part of Pub 2000 core banking system, all existing card products of the bank now operate seamlessly with the new processor.

Smooth transition to the new processor with Asseco SEE’s support will also enable the bank to shorten the duration of its business processes and reduce costs. At the same time, it will provide more convenience to bank’s customers through quicker and easier processing as well as enhanced 3D security system, which was also implemented by Asseco SEE.

Furthermore, since the bank enlarged its ATM network, the project also supported enabling of transactions within the principal bank’s network as well as upgrade of the acquiring network by enabling surcharge fees on the bank’s ATMs. This is expected to result in bank’s increased revenue in the future.