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New Trends Show Higher Confidence in Contracting Cloud Services for Sensitive Security Services Like ACS 3D secure V2.1

Following the initial expectation to have smaller size institutions selecting SaaS over in-house solution for Asseco ACS server, a new trend is visible showing that even bigger size banks opt for convenient and secure hosting of ACS service.

Our partners use advanced user authentication like biometry, PUSH and QR, but also our old trusty classics like SMS OTP, and all that without having the hassle to look after the services and infrastructure.

Version 2.1 especially emphasizes user experience. In that respect, based on bank’s preferences, the transaction goes through the risk analysis engine which checks each transaction for its attributes and handling the transaction in line with the bank’s preferences. The “learning” application also collects transaction data so it can make decisions about future transactions, thus reducing the need for additional authentication, while preserving the high level of security.

While onboarding dozens of new clients and complying with the upcoming mandates, we are also continuously updating our solution for even higher availability, better user experience and more secure online purchases!