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Live Collaborative solution with Call Center functionalities Brings GDPR Compliance, Uninterrupted Availability and Top Experience to Clients of Croatian Pension Insurance Institute and Croatia Osiguranje Insurance Company

The implementation of the Live contact center solution for the Croatian Pension Insurance Institute has been successfully completed. Live brings a full contact center solution for the Institute, together with complete customer relationship management.

One of our top priorities was to bring quality, best user and customer experience as well as uninterrupted availability for Institute’s clients. The solution for the Institute also includes an integrated GDPR module to meet all necessary criteria stated in the GDPR.

The Croatian Pension Insurance Institute is responsible for the implementation of compulsory pension insurance, within which the insured, on the principles of solidarity and reciprocity, are provided with rights in case of old age, disability and bodily injury, and their family members have rights in case of death of the insured or pension beneficiary.

Furthermore, Asseco SEE is improving customer experience as well as GDPR compliance in Croatia osiguranje, the biggest insurance company in Croatia, with the latest implementation of the GDPR module. The GDPR module was implemented as an upgrade of the already present Live call center solution. We have introduced a full GDPR compliance system that is able to handle all the necessary steps required by law. All the procedures are done in one place – the Live contact center. The solution allows fully automatic as well as manual steps (if needed) to pseudonymize or fully anonymize personal information stated in the GDPR.


More about Live by Asseco:

Live is an advanced customer management platform with support for different communication channels and business processes. It integrates a wide range of technologies and modules which are part of the standard Contact Center solution. Live is a powerful tool for the improvement of relations with clients and efficient allocation and organization of support resources.

Key Benefits:

CRM and Contact Center functionalities within one solution Support for different communications channels: voice, fax, SMS, e-mail, web chat video chat, social media, web form, letter Support for business processes: debt collections, campaign management, direct sales, phone banking, insurance Modularity and scalability tailor the solution to client-specific needs

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