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Prompt Response to Covid-19 Challenges in Banking: From Loan Moratorium to Customer Care

In order to provide our clients with the support in overcoming Covid-19 challenges and enable implementation of measures recommended for banks and financial institutions, Asseco SEE teamed up with banks in the region to support execution of urgent and necessary procedures as requested by relevant authorities, as well as to offer its banking solutions that can assist in a quick shift of operations to the digital environment.

Accelerating Acquisition of New Digital Banking Customers

When it comes to health and security in any area, especially banking, digital channels have been an inevitable choice over the past months. In the situation when we are faced with necessary withdrawal from branch visits and interaction with banks from the comfort of our home, the technology is here to support the acquisition of new customers who want or need to bank online.

As a company that has been a reliable partner to banks, Asseco SEE supported its clients with special conditions for new retail and corporate users of electronic and mobile banking. The offer was specially intended for the users of Asseco SEE Service Centre in Serbia and involved minimum implementation efforts from the bank’s side in terms of infrastructure or resources, which resulted in quick response to the current needs on the market.

Quick Enablement of Moratorium and Special Accounts to Support Financial Stability

With more than 90% of both private individuals and enterprises in Serbia opting for a moratorium on debt repayments, a complex project was undertaken with enthusiasm from the team of consultants and developers, and completed within a couple of weeks in cooperation with 20 banks in Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina. A whole set of functionalities in the core banking systems was developed primarily related to the application of moratorium for credit products.

Apart from the complexity of measures and sensitive matters, both for our clients and end-users of banking services, an additional challenge in solution development, which was successfully overcome, was related to differences in regulations and implementation of measures in the region, as well as the specifics in the usage of a range of credit products in banks.

The regulatory request related to special accounts for state aid was also quickly met for both retail and corporate segments of banks’ customers. Tools for automated administration of special eBanking accounts were developed in order to enable that the aid reaches a great number of beneficiaries promptly. Within record time, eBanking accounts became available to enterprises supporting them to quickly mitigate financial challenges they faced.

We strongly hope that the causes of these activities will not be repeated, yet our clients and their end customers can be assured and rely on our prompt actions under extraordinary circumstances.

Post-Corona Reality with New Customer Care Expectations

Despite operating in difficult circumstances, banks have witnessed growth in the volume of initiation and opening of arrangements, either due to new regulations or customer requirements. It is expected that there will be an increasing number of customer questions, requests, complaints and other communication forms which originate from multiple online channels. To respond to their needs and communicate across digital channels, without the need for physical presence, Asseco SEE’s Customer Care App offers a possibility for bank customers to submit a request digitally while at the same time it provides the bank with centralized request management and resolution regardless of the channel from which the request was initiated. 

Find out more about how you can improve the bank's customer service and increase business efficiency, while simultaneously reducing costs and regulatory risks. Visit Customer Care App page or contact us now!

Digital Contracting of Products and Services

In addition, you can also empower your customers to use additional banking products or renew existing ones without visiting a branch! With the solution for exchanging and signing documentation electronically, your existing customers can easily open or renew overdraft, cards, savings, become users of electronic banking channels or other banking products of your choice. The implementation involves minimum engagement of your infrastructure and human resources, given that the product is deployed in Asseco Service Center environment as a standalone solution that is not directly connected to the Core banking system. Contact us to learn more about this offer!