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Improving Security and Digital Customer Experience in Three Nigerian Banks with SxS and Mobile Token by Asseco

Asseco SEE is improving security and digital customer experience with the latest implementations of authentication solutions in 3 major banks in Nigeria. Advanced security features such as push and QR code authentication and biometrics have been introduced for their clients

The solution ensures secure self-management and remote provisioning of mobile token applications, so clients don't have to visit the branch office.

By replacing SMS with OTP, this implementation also brought great cost benefits to all banks included.

Asseco SxS Authentication solution:

  • Supports various HW token vendors
  • Cloud-ready deployment with Docker
  • Very flexible with regard to custom functionalities and clients’ specific business processes
  • Scalable and non-repudiative, uses progressive technology
  • Fast-adaptive and lowers the cost of TCO (total cost of ownership)


Mobile Token:

  • Advanced user authentication experience
  • Mobile Token Self-Management
  • Push Signing
  • QR Code support
  • Biometric authentication

To find out more about Asseco SEE’s multifactor authentication solution, please visit