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Agile Reaction to New Challenges and Customer Habits

A message from Piotr Jeleński

Q1 2020 financial results of Asseco SEE Group announced in April point to a very good quarter thanks to improvement in all segments.  The biggest growth within our Payment business unit was generated by the POS maintenance services business line, while mobile solutions together with core banking and other software highlighted the results in Banking. Infrastructure and third-party solutions, as well as integration services made a major contribution to the growth within Dedicated Solutions in the previous quarter.

The recent period has been marked with our continuous efforts on supporting our employees, clients and partners in overcoming COVID-19 challenges while ensuring security and business continuity for our clients.

We are witnessing an increasing demand from various markets for digital banking and security solutions. For instance, we supported three banks in Nigeria in improving security and digital customer experience with SxS authentication product and mobile token. Also, Digital Edge omnichannel solution continues elevating digital banking experience, this time in Halkbank in Serbia, while Adaptive Elements mobile Platform has been implemented in UniCredit Bank in the Czech Republic providing excellent user experience and high security. With the implementation of Live Collaborative solution with Call Center functionalities in Croatian Pension Insurance Institute and Croatia Osiguranje Insurance Company, communication with end customers has been raised to a new level ensuring uninterrupted availability, top experience and GDPR compliance.

I’d also like to mention our prompt response to the requirements of our clients due to pandemic as well as new customer habits and expectations. We have supported banks in enabling loan moratorium, accelerating the acquisition of new digital banking customers, digital contracting of products and services, as well as providing customer care and video call support in the digital world. Mobile Branch Vehicle was established for the first time in Serbia in cooperation between Payten and Banka Poštanska Štedionica.

You can read all about these projects and other interesting stories and products in this newsletter edition.

Wishing you stability and success in the months to come,

 Piotr Jeleński

ASEE & Payten CEO