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Asseco SEE Celebrates 30 Years of Business Operations in Serbia

Asseco SEE Group operates in 22 countries, employs around 2700 people, and the biggest number of employees is in Serbia – nearly 700

Over the past 30 years of operating in Serbia, today's Asseco SEE has passed a significant development path - from a local startup with several employees, to a member of Asseco South Eastern Europe Group and a leader in IT innovation, development of top solutions in digital banking and providing a platform for the first digital bank in the region, as well as a major provider of solutions for telecom, energy, utilities and public sector in Serbia and the region.

The company's anniversary is an opportunity to look back on everything we have achieved, but also to realize what obligation we have as an IT leader to continue leading innovations in the development of products and services. In this way, we provide a possibility for our employees, as well as young people who join our team, to work on the most advanced solutions that are applied both locally and internationally. At the same time, we contribute to the improvement of the IT industry in Serbia and the region," said Dejan Đokić, Asseco SEE Board Member.

The company is a member of Asseco SEE Group, which is operating in Southeastern Europe, Turkey, Spain and Portugal as well as a few countries of Latin America. It is a Group which is leading especially in SEE region in terms of development and offering of its own software and services and a top player in banking as well as through its payment arm Payten being top player in payment industry. Two thirds of the largest banks in the region are already clients of Asseco SEE Group.

In the region of Southeastern Europe, there are more than five million users of digital banking channels provided by Asseco SEE, and a partnership has been established with all banks operating in Serbia. The company provides continuous support to banks regarding compliance with regulatory requirements, and so far more than 120 implementations of solutions for meeting Basel, IAS and IFRS 9 standards have been completed in Serbia, Northern Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania and Croatia. As an active participant in introducing innovations, the company has implemented the instant payment system as the first such system in the region, as well as a number of international projects to harmonize banking operations with PSD2 requirements. In addition, Asseco SEE has an established partnership and continuous cooperation with global IT leaders, such as Microsoft, Dell EMC, Cisco, VMware, IBM, Oracle, Huawei.

Asseco SEE Group also provides complete payment industry solutions for financial and non-financial institutions through Payten, a company established a few years ago deriving from a successful Asseco SEE’s payment business unit. Payten specializes in eCommerce, mPayments, processing as well as ATM and POS related services. In addition to nearly 150 clients relying on ASEE POS/ATM services and apps, the company processes almost 80 million transactions per month in Europe and LatAm.

The employees of Asseco SEE and Payten, which reach the number of almost 700 in Serbia, are the most valuable resource of the company, and more than 80 percent of them are highly educated experts who develop innovative solutions that are used in Serbia and abroad.

As a company, we are strategically focused on developing products as well as the knowledge of our employees, and in 2020 alone we ourselves are investing in over 40 development projects in order to provide our customers with the top-quality solutions that meet the highest international standards. The commitment of employees, their effort and desire to contribute are just an indicator that we are going in the right direction. It is important for us to provide them with education and challenging projects which give them an opportunity for professional development. We are especially proud of our internship program, through which young people can gain experience in the IT sector and have a clearer picture that they can progress, work on improving their knowledge and skills and achieve the desired goals in Serbia. Last year alone, out of 55 interns, 21 were employed. Investing in the continuous professional development of employees is one of the ways in which the company strives to keep professionals in the country,” said Đokić.

The company operates transparently in line with the highest standards, applying gained international experience on local markets.

Today, the key to the development of technology is the user experience that we can offer to our clients in various industries, but also to end users, primarily young people. The contribution that the company in Serbia makes to the development of such solutions, finding new ways to achieve faster, simpler, and at the same time more secure services is immense and I believe that our employees will continue setting the standards and develop solutions applicable internationally in the next 30 years as well," said Piotr Jeleński, CEO of Asseco South Eastern Europe.


Asseco South Eastern Europe Group, which includes Asseco SEE and Payten in Serbia, is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and operates transparently in 22 countries, covering the market size of more than 600 million people. It has around 2,700 employees, who provide solutions, services and support in 13 different languages.

Asseco SEE Group is part of Asseco Group, the largest IT company in Poland and Central and Southeastern Europe. Asseco Group is present in over 55 countries around the world (most of the European countries, Israel, US, Africa, Japan & Canada) with more than 27,000 employees. The company develops both organically and through acquisitions - it has carried out over 80 of them since 2004. Asseco companies are listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE), Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and NASDAQ Global Markets.