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ASEE Enables Online Cash Loan Origination for Crédit Agricole in Serbia

Selling complex banking products online is still challenging for most banking institutions. However, trends of digitalization and fintech competition entice the banks to look for simple-to-use, yet secure and automated solutions to facilitate digital selling and onboarding.

Crédit Agricole bank in Serbia recognized the market requirements and decided to implement a fully digital cash loan origination system for its customers with the support of Digital Origination by ASEE, whichoffers exactly that – e2e digital selling solution specially designed for banks.

“As a bank that pursues the strategy of digitalization and dedication to our customers, we are continuously raising the level of our services in order to meet our customers’ expectations. Supported by ASEE  as our partner and state-of-the art solution Digital Origination, Crédit Agricole in Serbia now offers quick and easy cash loan origination across digital channels, at the time and place that is most convenient for our customers, especially supporting them in these challenging times,” said Marijana Cupara Head of Digital and Marketing Division of Crédit Agricole Srbija.

With the implementation of this project, Crédit Agricole has automated processes across numerous instances:

  • Campaigning – thanks to the automated data collection based on data from the core system and credit bureau, it is easy to segment the customers for targeting. Following the contact, all the leads from the campaigns are automatically processed within the Digital Origination solution.
  • Automated processes “under the hood” – no need for manual loan processing: the bank’s system now enables the application of policy rules and decision making in integration with the existing scoring engine, followed by automated notification to customers via SMS and email, so the loan application can be approved digitally.
  • Secure and user-friendly customer touchpoint: with Digital Origination, the bank now offers its customers strong authentication via phone number verification followed by additional questions. While choosing the product, loan offer is presented with an interactive calculator. At the end, the process is completed with automated contract document composition and signing with OTC and qualified timestamp.
  • Service consumption: the procedure is completed by automated loan opening and disbursement

 To learn more about Digital Origination by ASEE, a sales and underwriting system that provides full flexibility in the offering of bank products, services and bundles, enabling short time to market and full control, transparency and automation of origination processes for both assisted and self-service customer touchpoints, please visit Digital Origination page or contact us directly for a consulting session.