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Increasing Satisfaction of Bosna Bank International’s Clients Thanks to Live Customer Management Platform

Driven by the current customer support trends many organizations have recently invested in digital channels and self-service for interaction with their customers. As the world responds to digital technologies more during the Covid-19 quarantine, many organizations need to provide omnichannel customer experience and it becomes crucial for the organization to support customers through video call or chat.

At the beginning of January 2021 ASEE Live implementation project for Bosna Bank International dd Sarajevo started. In the first phase of the project a Contact center with Virtual branch will be implemented, while debt collection will be implemented in the second phase.

The implementation of ASEE Live in Bosna Bank International dd Sarajevo is the second Live implementation on the Bosnian market but the first Live implementation in one of the banks.

Live is an advanced customer management platform with support for different communication channels and business processes. It integrates a wide range of technologies and modules which are part of the standard Contact Center solution. Live is a powerful tool for the improvement of relations with clients and efficient allocation and organization of support resources.

Developed by ASEE, Live platform with a video chat option enables organizations to offer face to face engagement, more human friendly and real-time support.  Not only do customers feel better about their brand but also they feel safer.