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ASEE Enables Online Account Opening and Client Onboarding for UniCredit Bank Hungary

Selling complex banking products online is still challenging for most banking institutions. “New normality” in the whole world and the prolonged situation with COVID-19 compels banks to think more of online business and to go in this direction maybe even quicker than they would feel comfortable.

UniCredit Bank Hungary knew the necessity of moving sales to digital channels even before the pandemic, not only to stay competitive, but also to improve their UX and remain close to customers. The Bank decided to implement a fully digital Current Account Opening and Client Onboarding process for new bank clients, and ASEE with Digital Origination product was recognized as the main partner on this journey. Despite all the difficulties caused by pandemic, the project was executed in record time.

In cooperation with ASEE and other partners, the Bank enabled visitors of their public web site to become their customers and open current account package from safety of their homes, without the need to ever come to the bank. All components including prospect authentication, data gathering, compliance checks, document generation, email and SMS notifications, video identification, electronic signature, and many integrations with different bank systems, are bound together creating continuous, frictionless journey for the customer. This was a single investment in one omni-channel solution that also gives customers freedom to combine different channels (like branch and mobile agent) in order to complete their banking journey.

The process ends with fully automated current account and client opening in core banking systems and other systems that support these banking products. Current account package bundles following products and services: Debit card, Mobile banking, Internet banking, Telephone banking, SMS service and Electronic account statement.

Before going live, the solution was audited and certified formally by Hungarian auditor – HunGuard. With HunGuard certification as the final stage in the project, Current Account Opening and Client Onboarding went to the full production in November 2020.