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Integrations of Transaks ASEE PI Solutions with Meridian Sports Betting Provider

ecently, ASEE introduced the Transaks ASEE PI solution to the Meridian sports betting company, allowing the client a new type of payment at its counters to boost its business volume.

End users are enabled to top up their accounts at Meridian betting house using a wide network of Transaks PI counters and agents, thus increasing the availability of Meridian betting houses to end users.

The main challenge in the project was to integrate the PI payment system, or in other words, the logic of payment operations with the Meridian API service,so that the payment institution is able to exchange information on inflows in real time.

The project was the first application of this type of integration of the ASEE PI system where instant exchange of information on transactions inflows at PI counters to the external system, without it being within the electronic money system, but with the official payment currency.