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ASEE InACT Anti-Fraud Solution with Paratika Payment Systems has Received the 3rd Place at IDC Financial Services Awards in Turkey

IDC Turkey has announced the Financial Services Awards winners at the IDC Financial Services Summit 2021 on June 3rd. A jury of 17 academicians and senior managers of the finance industry have evaluated 88 projects in 12 categories from 27 companies. Paratika Online Payment Systems has received the 3rd place for the Best Governance, Risk and Compliance Project with ASEE InACT Anti-Fraud Solution.

InACT anti-fraud solution has been implemented at Paratika in order to detect and prevent fraudulent activities for e-commerce transactions. Paratika has been using InACT for several months in its real-time and near-real-time operations. InACT offers a flexible and user-friendly SQL wizard so that Paratika fraud analysts write their own scenarios without the need for any IT support. Also profiles can be defined for anomaly detection with SQL wizard along with required reporting.

InACT anti-fraud solution offers a Visual Analytics Platform enriched with Tableau features. This module offers smart interactive maps and graphs helping Paratika fraud analysts to visually monitor and review the KPIs and take action to improve them.

After the software development work is completed in the Big Data and ML project of the InACT team, which is currently in progress, the predictive anomaly detection feature with ML algorithms will be added to Paratika InACT shortly.

Paratika fraud analysts examine fraud alarms very quickly through the InACT all-in-one module and take actions through the same module with review and action time reduced to minutes.

Paratika will benefit from these innovations as the InACT team continues to equip InACT with innovative and trendy technologies and advanced features.