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ASEE Turkey Becomes One of Top 250 R&D Companies in Turkey

ASEE Turkey was included in the "R&D 250, Turkey's Top R&D Companies 2020" report published by the Turkishtime Magazine for the second time in a row.

The yearly report, which was published for the eighth time by the economy and business world portal Turkishtime Magazine, was prepared based on the 2020 data provided by the companies with R&D centers that are approved by the "Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology". In the report, ASEE Turkey ranked among the top 10 software companies with its 58 R&D personnel, 12 active R&D projects and the R&D expenditure that exceeded the targets.

According to the research, the R&D budget allocated by Turkey's 500 leading companies in 2020 reached a total of almost 1,7B EUR with a yearly increase of 140M EUR despite the Covid-19 pandemic.