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Raising Level of Card Operations and Protection in Raiffeisen Bank Serbia Thanks to New Processing Platform

In cooperation with ASEE as its long-standing and strategic partner, Raiffeisen Bank Serbia has completed the transition to a new processing platform and increased the level of card number protection.

Within the project, the entire card operations of the bank, as well as the complete management and operation of the retail network, have been migrated to the new platform. During this complex process, the end-users of the bank did not experience any delay while using the bank's services. Also, a successful transition to the new processing platform enables the bank to operate according to the Raiffeisen Group's standards.

Along with the migration, a new software solution was developed and implemented by ASEE, that ensures the anonymization of the actual card number in the core database, thus eliminating the risks of unauthorized access to data. The solution is a significant step for the bank towards meeting PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).