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Increased Level of User Experience in Sberbank Banja Luka Thanks to Digital Self-Servicing Application by ASEE

In November 2021, the Digital Self-Servicing application was implemented in 13 branches of Sberbank Banja Luka. Digital Self-Servicing is an application from the ASEE Digital product range designed for a fast and intuitive option of assisted self-service for retail clients in the bank branch premises to perform transactions.

By using the Digital Self-Servicing application, the bank provides existing and future clients with an increased level of user experience, enabling the client to independently perform cash, non-cash, and exchange transactions, in a simple and efficient way, while maintaining control, speed, and functionality.

Digital Self-Servicing solution includes delivery and implementation of:

  1. Digital Self-Servicing applications with the following functionalities:

                    - Identification of a client with an identification document or payment card

                    - Cash payment

                    - Cash withdrawal

                    - Cash payment with options to use the cash payment template or scan the payment slip

                    - Exchange transactions

                    - Cashless payment with options to use the template for cashless payments or order scanning

                    - Non-cash transfer between ownership accounts

  1. Digital Self-Servicing applications for application administration
  2. Integration with the Core banking system
  3. Integration with peripherals required for client identification

During the printing of the confirmation of the executed order, only money is exchanged with the bank teller. The bank will save on operational costs and make transactions faster, which will increase the focus of the bank on profitability and sales.

In addition, as a transitional step in the era of digital banking transformation, Digital Self-Servicing is a solution that also offers education for clients to move from long-term, manual, operational jobs available only in the bank branch to other digital channels that make banking operations available to clients at any time and from anywhere.