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Senior Executives of Banks Gathered at ASEE’s first InACT Customer Advisory Board Meeting.

ASEE Banking solutions business unit in Turkiye has launched InACT Customer Advisory Board to come together with the top banking customers to inform them on trends and products’ news, understand their needs and challenges as well as to discuss market dynamics in order to shape the InACT 360o Antifraud Hub product roadmap.

The first face-to-face closed session of the Board brought the leaders of 5 banks together with ASEE’s top executives in Istanbul. The leaders with expertise in external and internal fraud prevention listened to Piotr Jelenski (CEO, ASEE) talking about ASEE’s Banking solutions vision and to Darko Marjanovic (GM, Things Solver-member of ASEE) talking about AI and ML trends revealing the best ways to implement AI projects in banking. According to Marjanovic, 5 percent of global GDP was lost due to fraud and corruption. Marjanovic further explained that the advantages of InACT supported by AI and ML, are detecting hidden and implicit correlations in data, analyzing root causes quickly and reducing number of verification measures.

During the walkthrough of the news and improvements of the product, Buket Dogan (InACT Product Manager- ASEE) among many other updates emphasized the big data technology integration, new platforms that are supported and the InACT External Fraud Topology for larger banks.

During the roundtable led by Hatice Ayas (Country Leader- ASEE Turkiye) the customers explained their priorities and expectations, emphasized the significance of artificial intelligence for internal and external fraud prevention and shared their best practices.