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Asseco SEE Received Reliability 2017 Award

"Reliability 2017” is a project with the main purpose of creating a network of the most successful and reliable companies in B&H as well as the promotion of their work in business community.

It provides independent expert opinions for the companies and measurable assessments of market credibility in order to allow them to be recognized as desirable business partners.

Among more than 31,500 companies, Asseco SEE has been rated as a safe and reliable partner and as a company that records above-average business results.

The certification of creditworthiness reliability can only be obtained by legal persons who achieve above-average performance indicators and meet all set criteria, such as revenues realized of at least EUR 50,000 during the last reporting year, loss above the amount of capital in the last reporting year, no blocked bank accounts in the period of one year even for a period of one day, credit Rating 4 or 5 in the Business Intelligence System, the methodology for assessing the financial status, etc.