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Asseco Becomes No.6 European Software Vendor, Advancing in the Truffle 100 2013 Ranking

Asseco Group moved up to the sixth place in the ranking of the largest software producers in Europe, Truffle 100 2013, as its software revenues for 2012 exceeded 1 billion euros.

Asseco Group has, for five years, continuously maintained its position as one of the top ten software vendors in Europe. This has been possible thanks to the continuing improvement in sales of proprietary software, which is one of the key objectives of Asseco’s development strategy. Such a consistent growth in revenues from own software solutions is achieved by maintaining long-term relationships with clients as well as by implementing thousands of projects for various sectors of the economy.

Combined software revenues generated in 2012 by all the companies included in this year’s listing were 11% higher than in 2011. This proves the European software industry is thriving. Interestingly, 63% of such total turnover was generated by 10 largest market players.

Bernard Louis Roques, Partner & Co-Founder of Truffle Capital, emphasizes that with 63,000 specialist jobs and high investments for development of new products, the software industry remains an unwavering catalyst for innovation and a key driver of European economic growth.

The Truffle 100 ranking discusses the marketplace of Europe’s one hundred major software producers. The group of leaders is headed by Germany’s SAP with EUR 15.9 billion in software revenues, followed by France’s Dassault Systèmes (EUR 1.8 billion) and Britain’s Sage (EUR 1.6 billion). Asseco, which ranked on the sixth place, generated EUR 1.0 billion in revenues from its proprietary software solutions. The ranking is dominated by companies from the UK, France and Germany.

The detailed Truffle 100 report is available at: