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Asseco SEE ranked 5th in the Top 25 software companies in Romania

The 25 largest software companies: they grossed 0.5 MLD. euro and recruited 2,000 people last year.

Oracle Romania, the local subsidiary of one of the largest global manufacturers of software, was last year the local software market leader, with a turnover of 105 million euros, double the following class, SIVECO, according to data of the Ministry of Finance.

On the other hand, Oracle has recorded losses of about 3.3 million last year, compared to a net profit of six million euros in 2011. Company officials did not answer questions about led to passage of the loss Oracle to publish this article, but it is likely that the producer had losses due to investments made. Oracle has continuously expanded in recent years employing hundreds of people, and renting new office space.

The top 25 players in software last year recorded a turnover of 533 million, up € 55.2 million compared to 2011. Also, their total profit declined by 5.6 million.

Also, companies have hired 1,937 people last year, reaching 11,150 employees. Among the most active employers have included Oracle, our company, SAP, Ixia, Gameloft, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Evoline, or TSE Luxoft Development.