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Banking operations


 Absolut system is designed and developed on Oracle and Java platform. Its main features include:

  • On-line centralized system;
  • Open architecture, allowing seamless integration with other applications such as: Internet banking systems, national payment systems (RTGS, ACH systems and similar), SWIFT applications, Reuters applications;
  • Flexible system: Absolut can be easily adapted to the specific requests of any customer; it allows creation/modification of banking products without the intervention of the application provider, through a very sophisticated, user-friendly configuration functionality and reporting facilities, both available to the application’s administrators from the application interface;
  • Multi-branch system, offering the possibility of defining lower level structures (sites, work-sites with or without their own financial statements);
  • Multi-language system;
  • Advanced application security (the permits / denies for access rights are managed through a very complex functionality, criteria available for granting algorithm being, for example, the transaction amount, account, customer, banking product or even a specific operation on a product); the system assures the availability of historical data and the traceability of all actions, either end-user made or administrator made;
  • Audit information provided at all levels;
  • On-line help.

 Sectors supported by the system

  • Banks
  • Non-banking financial institutions
  • Leasing companies
  • Insurance brokers


  • Absolut core-banking
  • Absolut internet banking
  • Absolut management information system (MIS)
  • Absolut cards management
  • Absolut insurance

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